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75_furry_themes's Journal

75 different themes for anthropomorphic artists
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This is one of the many communities on LJ with a set number of themed drawings for artists to draw. We're a low-pressure group, mainly furries, who want to grow as artists with one another, and what better way than to practice?

There's no deadline for completing all 75 themes, though we're hoping people will finish them eventually. Nor do you have to do them in order, or even do all of them as finished pictures. Sketches, writing, sculpture, just about anything you create with your hands can be counted as a themed entry.

The themes/prompts are the communities interests. If you're gonna join in on this, post a comment over at the participant list, link above, and we'll add you onto it.

Form for submitting themes
title - Theme number| Theme | artist | rating |
Artist -
Gallery -
Short description -
Characters -
Medium(s) used -
Critique rating -

Critique ratings
Much like Devart, please tag your submissions with which kind of critique you would prefer.
* Advanced critique encouraged - Tear it to shreds, just make sure it's constructive! :3
* Critique welcome - the artist is indifferent to critique.
* Critique discouraged - The artist would preer not to get critique.

Though I'm hoping it doesn't happen, seeing as this is a furry group, there's bound to eventually be drama. I'm not going to let it slide, so here's a few rules you gotta follow.

* No flaming. Anyone flaming will be perma-banned. Period.
* We have a nifty critiquing system, please make use of it. It's explained moreso above.
* This community will feature adult art, so make sure you're of legal age. If not, it's on your ass, not ours. Even so, all adult art should be marked as so in the submission title and put behind a cut. Actually, ALL pictures posted should go behind a cut.